My handmade shoes are a combination of little talents and skills of mine brought together – sketching, , fine sewing and stitching. I discovered I had a love for shoe designing so I gradually taught myself the art of footwear craftsmanship. It took me several years of experimenting to finally end up with a quite perfectly made classical ballet flat shoe that is as close as can get to the need for durability, resistance to wear, comfort, quality and fashion. One of my main goals is to make them embrace the foot and feel soft everywhere, toes, bone, ankle and arch. Something you don’t easily find in industrial shoes.

They can be worn for casual and everyday outings like a walk in the park, long distance street-walking or even for a formal event, like a party, celebration, wedding ,( for the bride or bridesmaids), baptism etc.

My shoes are made to fit all shapes and sizes since they are tailor made. With careful measuring made by using my easy step by step instructions I can sketch your very own ideal shoe.

My shoes are made from genuine leather inside and outside and include arch support and heel cushion. A double layered outsole using quality durable and flexible Vibram rubber soles give you confidence in every step you take. 6mm hidden heel which can be eliminated upon request.



Τα χειροποίητα παπούτσια μου είναι ένας συνδυασμός μικρών μου ταλέντων και δεξιοτήτων. Μεγαλώνοντας με προσέλκυσε ο σχεδιασμός παπουτσιών και έτσι έμαθα σταδιακά την τέχνη των υποδημάτων. Αυτοδίδακτα, με υπομονή και μεράκι άρχισα να σχεδιάζω τα δικά μου παπούτσια. Μου πήρε αρκετά χρόνια πειραματισμού για να καταλήξω τελικά σε ένα καλο-κατασκευασμένο κλασσικό παπούτσι με κύρια χαρακτηριστικά την αντοχή στη φθορά, την εμφάνιση, την άνεση, και την ποιότητα. Τα παπούτσια μου ταιριάζουν σε όλα τα σχήματα και τα μεγέθη, αφού είναι κατασκευασμένα κατόπιν μετρήσεων.

Τα παπούτσια μου τα φτιάχνω στο χέρι και στη μηχανή και είναι από γνήσιο δέρμα και μέσα και έξω. Έχουν στήριξη στην καμάρα και ελαφρύ μαξιλαράκι στη φτέρνα . Ο εσωτερικός πάτος είναι επενδυμένος με ειδικό ελαφρύ αφρώδες υλικό για άνεση. Ο εξωτερικός πάτος είναι vibram, ανθεκτικός και λαστιχένιος. Υπάρχει και κρυφό τακουνάκι 6mm.








Oh my god so amazing. They fit like a glove and are insanely comfortable. I gave her a photo of what I wanted and here they are, 100x better than what I had picked out originally. Fantastic craftsmanship.

Just received my flats, They are simply beautiful. I love they way they were packaged, the way the feel on my foot, the appearance EVERYTHING. They are much prettier in person than in picture. I am so impressed and pleased! They came much faster than I thought they would:) I have a lot of ideas of outfit combinations to use my new footwear with: leggings, skinny jeans, baby doll dresses…the possibilities are endless and bountiful. n nIrene was a sheer delight to work with. I know I was a handful but she was the utmost professional. A renaissance woman of many talents. Great communication and incredibly flexible with my needs and request. All in all, fantastic experience.